connecting 2 rhel servers to the same iscsi lun

hello! i have 2 rhel servers that i need to connect to the same iscsi lun
is this possible?
basically we have a server that will run processes and dump files on the iscsi lun during the process
we have another server setup as a backup, and will need to run the same processes and dump the same files on the same location.
i already have 1 server setup with access to this iscsi lun
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Daniel HelgenbergerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The connection/lun mapping is of course possible. Mounting it is another topic!

Be aware: This is a SAN setup and would require you to use some kind of SAN software (like GFS on RHEL for example).
If you mount the LUN read/write on more then one system and do not use a SAN, file system corruption will always occur.

You can mount one LUN read only though; for instance for a active/passive setup (fail over, hot standby)
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