HTML5 Underline word in ListItem


I would like to underline a word within a List Item.  

<ListItem>I <span style="text-decoration: underline;">am not</span> associated with organized crime...</ListItem>

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However, when I do it as follows, I get a compiler worning that Validation (HTML5): The element 'span' cannot be nested within the element 'listitem'.      

Any suggestions on how I might do the underline and remain a good HTML5 citizen?

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A SPAN inside a LI is perfectly valid - you will see it used everywhere.
Can you post your rendered HTML.

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Chris StanyonWebDevCommented:
Why are you using <ListItem> - you should be using <li>
RBSAuthor Commented:
Sorry, brain went to sleep - was converting old aspx form with group of listitems to chtml form and hadn't removed the old form so was getting compiler warnings...

sigh - thanks for the feedback.

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