How to swap bytes ?

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I read a word from modbus register.  I need to swap the bytes:

i.e.  I read   0x0003

I need to swap them so result would be     0x0300

Please provide a software instructions to achieve this.
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'ntohs()' ( would do that. Or, if you'd prefer to do that manually:

#define swap_bytes(x) ((((uint16_t)(A) & 0xff00) >> 8) | (((uint16_t)(x) & 0x00ff) << 8))

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Note that ntohs would only work if the host byte order is different from the network byte order (ie. the host byte order is little endian) - otherwise it's a noop.
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I was not too unsure in assuming that the host platform was Intel ;o)

And for the case that it's not, I added the implementation...

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