Set Rule on ASA5510 for specific user/IP address to connect to VPN

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I would like to setup a rule for a specific user at our organization so that she can only connect to our VPN from a specific IP address(s). These will be static IP addresses.

We have a Cisco ASA5510 and I have the IP address in question.

Would someone be kind enough to assist? Thanks!
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Datacenter platform engineer Lindows

For one specific user only can bring a lot of burden but please have a read on this topic here.

Bottom line, include ALL ip's permitted and deny all others.
To allow the ASA to do this, you would need to disable the default option to bypass interface ACL's for IPSEC communications.
Using Interface Access Lists

By default, the ASA lets IPsec packets bypass interface ACLs. If you want to apply interface access lists to IPsec traffic, use the no form of the sysopt connection permit-vpn command.

Once you do this you would need to add specific ACL statements to allow any IPSEC traffic. This is for ANY remote access vpn, and ANY site to site vpn. This would be an OK option if the user is the only remote access client that you'll ever have. I can't say that I would suggest this as I would think this is going to cause you headaches in the future.

The other method would be to let a radius server control this. If you authenticate this user via radius, you can add certain conditions to authentication. The condition "Calling-Station-Id" is the source IP address of the client. You could specify this specific user, the specific Calling-Station-Id, and put that policy above the other vpn authentication policies on the radius server. You might need to follow that policy with one that only specifies username and denies access so that the user doesn't accidentally fall down to another more broad policy.

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