Create Case Dialogue: the product "X" is not supported in the dialogue

I am having an issue as I create an order. attached will be the picture of the final dialogue box that states as I am creating a case Dialogue and attempt to add a new order item it says the product( service we offer) is not supported by the dialogue.

I originally thought it was being caused by the product being created without a default price list under the product information section but adding that didnt change the problem.
Thank you For the help!
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Rikin ShahConnect With a Mentor Microsoft Dynamics CRM ConsultantCommented:

Unfortunately, dialogs and processes do not support Products due to heavy logic they carry. May be this solution given below can help you achieve what you want. Try it and let us know if it solved your problem.
BrendleAuthor Commented:
It actually  did work. The Dialog needed to be adjusted to account for the new product in the coding. working fine now thank you!
BrendleAuthor Commented:
helped me along the way to the answer
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