How do I read this IIS log?

I am having trouble understanding this IIS log entry on my hub transport server. Who is the sender and who is the recipient?

2013-10-08T11:07:50.622Z,,,,HUBTRANSPORTSERVER01,08D078C3DED6BA0C;2013-10-08T11:07:50.262Z;0,HUBTRANSPORTSERVER01\Default HUBTRANSPORTSERVER01,SMTP,RECEIVE,17583524,<>,,,1340,1,,,from prime 800,QSECOFR@APAC.MYDOMAIN.COM,QSECOFR@APAC.MYDOMAIN.COM,00A:

thank you
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piattndConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The below link goes into detail the message tracking log files.

Quoted about determining the values separated by commas:

#Fields. This is a comma-delimited list of field names that are shown within the log file. The field names are, in order: date-time, client-ip, client-hostname, server-ip, server-hostname, source-context, connector-id, source, event-id, internal-message-id, message-id, recipient-address, recipient-status, total-bytes, recipient-count, related-recipient-address, reference, message-subject, sender-address, return-path, message-info.
Somewhere near the top of your IIS log file you should see values indicating what each column represents.  If it's comma separated, you might be able to open it as a CSV.  Once you know what each value represents, we might be able to better tell you.

Are you sure this was in your IIS logs and not your Exchange Transaction logs?
cyberleo2000Author Commented:
my apologies, it was in the message tracking log. my bad
That also goes through efficient ways of reading the information in those logs via a GUI which may be easier for you than reading the raw data.
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