How do I retain metadata on a sharepoint 2010 Document Library when moving from one site to another?

We have a document library within our main SharePoint 2010 site.  This document library has custom columns added where the users can add descriptions to the files they upload.

Recently we've had the need arise where we had to make these files available to external users.  So in order to do that and keep the rest of our SharePoint data secure, we created a separate SharePoint site and made it available to the outside.

The problem I'm having now is I need to be able to move this document library over to the new site and retain all of the metadata that was added in those custom columns.

I've been told be a local consulting company that the only way to do this is to pay for tool that charges by the gb (we currently have over 25gb of files in the document library).

Does anyone now of an easy way to do this or can we even script this migration with .NET?

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Easiest way (provided you want to copy the whole list) is simply to do a backup and restore.

you can backup a list in powershell:
Export-SPWeb -Identity http://<your site url> -Path C://listBackup.cmp -ItemUrl <relative path to list>

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Restore to other site:
Import-SPWeb -identity http://<your other site url> -Path C://listBackup.cmp -UpdateVersions Overwrite

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If you do this you will want to clear down the target list every time you refresh it, which can be done like this:

#Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell

# Replace siteurl with actual web url
$web = Get-SPWeb -Identity "http://<your other site>"
# Replace docurl with document library url
$list = $web.GetList("<relative path to list>")

function DeleteFiles {
    $folder = $web.GetFolder($folderUrl)
    foreach ($file in $folder.Files) {
        # Delete file by deleting parent SPListItem
        Write-Host("DELETED FILE: " + $

# Delete root files

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maximjonAuthor Commented:
This was perfect!  Thank you so much!  I was originally told by consultants that the only way to do this was to buy a 3rd party product.  You literally saved my company thousands of dollars.  Thank you!
No problem, happy to help :)
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