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I am looking for a simple cost effective solution to expand storage on a small business network.  We are upgrading our server but do not want to use the our new 2012 windows server as our file server, just as a domain controller.  I'm looking at a western digital 6906487  Sentinel 4TB Small Office Storage Server.  Has anyone had experience with these in relation to windows server 2012?

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We've not tried this WD device, but would very strongly recommend that you check out Synology's offerings. Their products are excellent value for money, very reliable and versatile:
Here is another link that shows some of the awards they've won for their products:

We've been using Synology devices for about four years now, and they are simply some of the best pieces of kit we've ever had.
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Also going to agree with @adriaanvw, I've used Netgear ReadyNAS products for a long time but bought a Synology NAS 4 months ago and its just a more up to date interface with lots of functionality and nicer to use...also does the job as a NAS of course ;)

The NAS will work regardless of what server OS you not sure what you mean by 'Has anyone had experience with these in relation to windows server 2012?'
You'll be fine with the Sentinel,it runs Windows Storage Server 2008 as an OS.
Enterprise drives (RE) are standard with the box.
Pretty much plug and play.


They are saying that it's too much $$ to spend so soon after this project started.  They are a non-profit on a shoe-string budget.  I have 8 seagate 500gb hot swappable drives I'm not using.  Their server is a Dell Poweredge R510 with Raid 5 running.  It has 8 bays.  If I swap out one 500 gb drive at a time for the old 146gb drives, will the Dell Perc raid card be able to rebuild the array, or do the drives have to match?
Model of the Seagate drives?
What's the RAID controller?

Make sure they are ES,not a desktop drive.

You would be better off getting a demo version of  Symantec System Recovery, backing up the system ,recreate the RAID and restore from bare metal.


Raid controller is Dell Perc H700 SCSI.  Drives are Seagate Sata so no luck.  Thanks though.


New drives are Seagate barracuda 500gb ES.  existing drives are serial attached scsi on a dell poweredge R510.  

Here's the real headache though, and maybe you have some ideas.  A previous i.t contractor/idiot installed windows home media server as their file server and had them set up on a workgroup.  Their database software has never played nice with media server and they are on a mission to move all of their analog archives (books, video, blueprints etc.) so they need an enterprise server/storage solution.  

 I installed a hand me down rack server they got from a member, but the drives are too small to fit all their existing data.  So my thought was just use external usb for the extra storage until their budget gets approved for next year and we can set up a proper NAS device running windows storage server essentials.  

The problem is, copying all these extra files onto the external usb drive has been problematic at best.  The native file migration tool in server 2012 won't work with the media server.  Do you know of any other tools that might make it easier to get these files onto the external usb that is connected to the 2012 server?  Or would connecting the media server to the 2012 server directly via network cable be an option?

Try this

or this

H700 is a top of the line controller and should work fine with SATA.

Just watch out for UEFI if you go past the 2 TB barrier.


Sorry for the delay.  The runtime software worked great.  BTW I just took the larger drives out of the intel NAS that was incompatible with 2012 and created a virtual disk with Dells openmanage software.  Thanks for all your help!


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