Can't Delete .PDF When Viewing Preview Pane

I'm using file explorer Windows 8.   I have a list of PDFs in a folder and I am using the preview pane.  When they are visible in the preview pane windows will not allow me to delete them.  It says the files are in use.  If I close out the preview pane I regain the ability to delete them.  I have a feeling this is a known issue with Adobe reader as I can repeat it on multiple workstations.
I want to know if there is a way around the preview pane marking the file as "in use".
Thank you.
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Patrick BogersConnect With a Mentor Datacenter platform engineer LindowsCommented:

There is not, disabling the preview pane forces you to double click a PDF to open en close out after which you can delete it.
In use is what it is, in use and every file that is opened(in use) by windows is blocked from deleting/modifying/renaming etc etc
The preview pane invokes a viewer to "look at" the file.  As such, it is absolutely open & "in use" while this is going on.  You simply cannot delete a file while it is open as a matter of integrity.

By closing the preview pane, you also close the file and it can once again be deleted.

It is not an issue of the preview pane "marking" the file in use--- it IS using it!
I agree with both comments above.  The ONLY application that I have seen that permits deleting something visible in a preview pane is Outlook. I believe that works two reasons. First you are not technically viewing a file and second you are simply moving it from one Outlook folder to another.
CompexTwoAuthor Commented:
That confirms my worries.  Thank you
I realize this is an old forum, but I thought I would post a workaround in case anyone is interested. I just ran across it on while searching for a solution.

If you use "Shift + Delete", which allows you to delete permanently, you can delete a file with the preview pane on. Hope that helps someone.
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