Getting a drive to Map with a compellent SAN

We recently purchased a Compellent SAN and I have set up everything, mapped the drive to our VM's in vSphere and also mapped the drives within Storage Center.  When I go to the physical windows machines, I cannot for the life of me figure out how the hell to map the shared volume on the SAN.  I can map them fine in vSphere, but cannot seem to get the phyisical servers to see it.  They are physically attached to the SAN as well.

Here are some additional facts:

1.  The Storage Center can see the physical windows machines and the volumes are mapped.
2.  They are on the same subnets
3.  vSphere can see the drives and utilize them just fine.  

I need assistance from someone who can tell me what I am missing here.  I cannot find crap online, nor does compellent provided me anything additional that an invoice.


Thank you,
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The physical servers probably don't have the MS iSCSI initiator installed, you can download it from the web but depends on Windows version as to whether there is a free one available. You'll also need MPIO to be installed or you'll see the storage more than once if you have redundant paths.

You must also be very sure not to connect to anything you shouldn't since a "shared" SAN does not imply you can connect multiple hosts to the the same LUN without corrupting the data.

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tg3000Author Commented:
I do see redundant paths.  I see it in the Disk Management as offline.  

The iSCSI initiator is installed and has been connected to the SAN.

It is Server 2008 R2.  

Can you tell me how to install MPIO?

Thanks so much for the help!
tg3000Author Commented:
I just saw the Multipath I/O is installed on the server.
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If it's offline it may be one of the LUNs that you have setup for VMware, if you were to access that from a Windows server you could easily corrupt it.

Have you created a dedicated LUN on the SAN for this Windows server and set it up so that this server and nothing else is allowed to see it?
tg3000Author Commented:
Yes there is a dedicated LUN for this, however I am noticed there are 2 iSCSI controllers attached to it.  I am not quite sure what relation the controller port ID has with each volume.  But I do notice the port ID is the same as other volumes that are mapped to VMware.  

My knowledge is limited at this point.
tg3000Author Commented:
Thanks for the help. I got it
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