Windows Time - Loosing hours.

I have purchased a new mother board 1 month ago. Asus Z87 -A  I first installed windows 7 Pro. and later noticed the time was off by 9 hrs . I thought i did not add the correct location settings . Check this and it was correct .  After some check and fixes it still loose's time.

Moving on from this I installed Windows 8 Pro seeing as I was keen to test this on the new M/B . Low and behold the same issue . each time i boot it its a few hours behind. Even when running the update from timeserver it gets corrected but after a few hours while the PC has been on it looses time again. I don't see any error in the event viewer , I have updated the bios , and am now thinking it could be a faulty cmos battery ?

This is now getting frustrating as hell. Any Ideas
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After you boot it multiple times and it slips more and more each time.... does it stop after a certain amount.
Does it get to say 9 or 10 hours off and then stay at that point even after more reboots or does it continue to slip.

If it keeps slipping it is a faulty cmos chip / battery

If it stops at a certain point then it is on the wrong timezone and slowly adjusts on each boot to be loser and closer to the right time.  When it hits that timezone (maybe +9 hours on what you think it is) it will stay on that time difference.
it looks like a bad battery
measure it, it should read 3 V
or just replace it with a CR2032  -  you find them anywhere, about 4$

if that still does not work, you are looking into a bad RTC circuitry = bad motherboard

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Harry_NZAuthor Commented:
So it turned out that my mother board needed replacing as it was the bios /chip with the problem
Harry_NZAuthor Commented:
Sorry edster9999 - I did not know how to accept both as correct you should also get points ...
No problem at all.  I'm here to answer questions and get things fixed - not gather points
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