Windows Task Scheduler does not trigger

I have set up a task to be triggered to run an executable file (VOBackup.exe) on schedule.
The task fails to be triggered.
Properties of the task are;
I could manually start and run the task from within the Scheduler.
It finishes the job correctly. However, in Scheduler, the status remains Running.....
I had to to manually end the job, resulting in a status 0x80070001 .
History of the task shows
For the manual run, I checked the event application log (for Task Scheduler) and found nothing unusual (Please see attachment)
For the scheduled task, nothing was logged as it was not even triggered.

Further note:-
- the owner of the scheduled task belongs to the domain admins group
- there is no problem with the VOBackup.exe when run from outside/inside

Can I please have the benefits of an Expert's eye on this issue?
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Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Please ensure that the Task Scheduler Service status is Started.
garychuAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response.
The Task Scheduler Service is set to run automatically and is found to be running normally.
There are some default scheduled tasks by the OS which are also started and run successfully on schedule (shadowcopyvolume...)
Thinking it could be
1.  Account privileges issue, I changed the task to run as System account
2. A problem with the triggered action task ( a program executable ), I replaced it with another (just a simple notepad.exe test.txt).
In both attempts, the problem remains the same!
I did not have the same problem with this task on an old server running Win 2003.

This is not just baffling, but is beginning to bug me!

Thanks for any help you can give me on this one.
garychuAuthor Commented:
I managed to resolve this issue.
But I do not have the answer as to what caused the problem and how it was resolved.
Close to desperation, I deleted the task.
Then re-created a new one, using exactly the same settings as the deleted one.
And worked this time.
But I have made the following observation;
1. Use the System account to run the task (even though sophisticated users will frown on this).
2. In the Action tab, under Start in (optional) - fill in the full path to the target app, even though it is stated as optional.
3. For some reasons, the return operation codes will show 1 and 2 indicating "errors", but the task nonetheless runs and complete successfully.

I hope the above will help some others who have encountered this very frustrating problem.

Unless some Experts wish to offer an explanation, I will close this question.

Thanks, Expert Mutawadi, for the input.

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Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
I am glad that you resolved the issue. Unfortunately, I don't have an explanation to the root cause as I am shooting in the dark and I don't have a lab readily available for reproducing the issue and testing.

Definitely your input will be of help to others.
garychuAuthor Commented:
Although original issue resolved, no clear explanation as to cause was recorded.
However, in course of trouble-shooting, some observations were made which could perhaps assist others who may be faced with a similar issue.
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