Do premade patch panels with cables cut to lenght exist?

Google has failed me. Is there a site that sells cut to spec cat6 patch panels. Like to the same with 24 precut cat6 cables crimped  with female ends so all I need to do is deploy it? A link would be awesome.
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Frosty555Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you really want to go down that route, I think what you probably want is a keystone patch panel like this:

And then you populate the holes with CAT6 or CAT5e keystone couplers, like these:

And for the the ports you aren't using, you can populate them with cheaper blanks like these:

Although strangely enough monoprice seems to have a poor selection of these parts. Not many colours, and the parts they do have seem to have poor reviews. You can probably find more selection elsewhere like on
Here's some other selections:

The nice thing about using a keystone panel is the flexibility - it's especially useful if you have a bunch of different cables - a few RJ11s, a few RJ45s, some coaxial or HDMI cables, maybe a few RCA cables... it's very nice for a home theatre because you have the flexibility of using any accessory that uses the keystone form factor.

But if all you have is CAT6 cable and assuming your cables use solid wires, doing a whole panel full of keystones is silly. It's overly expensive, it isn't as solid and it doesn't look as nice in the end as a properly punched down patch panel. You really ought to be cutting the wires to size, running them neatly and punching them down into a proper, solid patch panel.

Also it begs the question - if for whatever reason all your cables are already crimped and you're trying to avoid extra work... why not just plug them directly into the switch?
bowmantlAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much!! We are expanding our rack footprint (pretty significantly)  and we inherited the keystone setup and were trying to keep a uniformed architecture. We're light on folks that enjoy wielding a cable crimper and  we were looking for a good way forward... We're trying to phase away from in-rack switching... I've found some sites that have pre-terminated female-female cat 6 cables, but I was hopeful there was a better way... We may just have to have a cable crimping party.
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