Win 7 w/s access to files on Win NT box

Recently needed to update WinXP workstations to Win 7 for a CAD update. When moving to Win 7, I am unable to connect to file shares on a mold machine that is controlled by a WinNT client. Both devices are on the same subnet and workgroup. Each of them can see each other on the network. However, when I try to set up a shortcut to the shared folder on the WIN NT box, I am asked for a userID/password, that I promptly complete, but inevitably fails.

Error reports "Logon failure; unknown username or bad password.

I can create links to this directory on XP or 2000 any day of the week.

Is my problem in the Advanced Sharing? Are the UID/Pass being sent with encryption and the NT box cannot decipher this?

I've tried most of the settings under Advanced Sharing, but I can't find a working solution to push files to the NT box.

I know this is a long shot - hardly anyone has any NT stuff anymore. Anyone have a suggestion? - Thanks.
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jh11Author Commented:
Just to be clear, I want to be able to push files I have locally on the Win 7 w/s to the Win NT shared folder.

The workaround to this problem has been to go into the NT client and pull the desired file from the Win 7 box. When it is done this way, there is no problem getting the file nor is a UID/Pass required. I need to avoid this workaround because as deft as some of the machinists are at their work, they are ham-fisted in the OS!
Jackie ManCommented:
If your system is Windows 7 Home Premium, you may change it from Registry.

1. Launch regedit from Start Search box.
2. Find the following branch.

3. Create a DWORD key under Lsa and set:

Name: LmCompatibilityLevel
Value: 1

4. Restart."


If your system is Windows 7 Professional, try the following:-

1. Run secpol.msc and a window called "Local Security Policy" will be open;

2. Goto Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options\Network security: LAN Manager authentication level

3. Change the default value of "LAN Manager authentication level" to "Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated:"

4. Restart

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jh11Author Commented:

I did find similar information late last night, that indicated a change to the LAN manager auth level. I used the setting "Send LM & NTLM responses", which is very similar to what you suggest above.  This solved the issue I was having.

Thanks very much for the suggestion.
jh11Author Commented:
Concise directions that solved the problem.
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