Product list with internal search engine (CD)

Hi Experts,

I wanna do a CD with a product list catalog with the ability to search for a product by reference or description (no photos or neat presentation, just point the location).
I have more than  a thousand products.

I have good know how on Web HTML, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, MsSQL, MySQL and i also know how to program in Visual FoxPro.

With the knowledge i have, what would be the best bet to do a program to open on a CD to view a product list catalog with the ability to search?

I think an executable done in FoxPro querying an Excel sheet with products or a dbf file would do it..
But i don't know if there isn't a better solution out there to do this kind of job...or a specific software..

Can anyone advise me on this?
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justaphaseAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry but, Web SQL could be a solution to my case.. that's why i put it SQL..
Although it is unlikely to be a solution i admit..
Remember the fact product list on a CD is not updateable and it becomes obsolete sooner or later... You should prefer on-line catalog or you should create your app with an ability to look for the web contents.

The tool used for such software isn't then very important and you may select whatever you are comfortable with.

FoxPro offers great searching capabilities it can also go to the internet BUT it is restricted to Windows PC only. Is it acceptable by your customers?

Last but not least: I don't remember when I used such CD in past 10 years. Everything I need is placed and up to date on the internet.

So my recommendation: CD is obsolete but if you need it do it as HTML with going on-line possibility. It will be readable in any browser on any hardware and OS. The searching must be implemented in a language which browser understands.
justaphaseAuthor Commented:
I agree with you, i would never do a CD or DVD, an online solution makes more sense.
But! This is a direct request from a costumer. He needs a CD with these features.

It's still very common to use CDs with these features. You will find almost all the car and truck parts in CDs or DVDs to be consulted, they're even sold to costumers. You can find a example here
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Yes, you are right. Some branches requiring this kind of catalogs still exist.

Car and machinery spare parts, electronic devices parts etc. And the CD can be tailored to one certain car model.

Such service CD should also offer some graphical interface which shows how these parts are assembled together and helps to find the particular detail. The database should also contain an assembly list which will group smaller parts used to build one bigger part etc.

So you have plenty of possible solutions... and no one is trivial to implement. You have to overview several existing catalogs and decide what features you need.

OTOH, such a catalog can be restricted to one operating system thus Visual FoxPro is one of possible tools. VFP just does not have sufficient graphical capabilities. It can display static image or play a video and that's it. But again, this depends on your personal preference if your customer does not restrict you.

Back to your question:  Software which could help to build product catalogs exists:
It is also offered as a service:

And you may probably find more. Of course, no one will do the 100% job...
justaphaseAuthor Commented:
Like i said in the main comment "no photos or neat presentation, just point the location" to the row where product is, so you can see a description and the price, that's all.

The software you mentioned i already saw it, but i don't need such an amount of features, just a simple list classified my trade mark and a search engine to search by reference or description.
OK then Visual FoxPro is ready for this task... You may simply display the whole list (cursor) in a grid and place two or more "filter" textboxes beside the grid. A text written to textboxes can be used to build the search criteria in the grid cursor.

Simply said if user writes  xyz  to one of the textboxes you will generate
SET FILTER TO "xyz" $ description   and refresh the grid.

Or you may just locate the record:
LOCATE FOR "xyz" $ description

Depending on your needs you may decide about case sensitivity of the entered text or possibly convert some national characters into english alternatives etc.

(The second textbox is used for reference column criterium.)

BTW, when you display data in a Browse window then CTRL-F  can do the whole job for you. And it is fast enough if the whole data table is in a cursor which means in memory obviously.
justaphaseAuthor Commented:
I also think FoxPro should do the job.. but now i have new information about this project..
I have about 75 thousand records and they are distributed by trade mark like this:
- AUTEX – 4.182
- BEHR-T – 522
- G K N – 750
- HELLA – 21.031
- HELLA “BHS” – 5.433
-  IWIS – 503
- MANN – 3.704
- OPTIBELT – 277
- SAXID – 972
- STABILUS – 13.897
- SWAG – 11.691
- TEXTAR – 1.404
- VIERAL – 8.621
- ZIMMERMANN – 1.533

Maybe i should put each trade mark records on a separated dbf file?
put all 75.000 records on one dbf file is to much maybe?
75.000 is OK for FoxPro you just have to create appropriate indexes and process the data in memory (FoxPro can use 1 GB for its buffers). The only slow part will be the first data load.

If you issue

then all records will be in in memory and the processing will be fast enough. Just do a simple test: Create a test database, burn it to a CD and issue a few commands from VFP Command window.

Of course, the record size is also important but you may split the table into two parts - the small one used for searching, the rest for display.

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justaphaseAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for the counseling.
justaphaseAuthor Commented:
Now i just have to calculate how many days i will take to do this... import the products to a dbf file (from excel i think) and do the program :P
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