Importing custom brushes in Sai Paint Tool

I've followed these instructions - 

but when I run Sai, I don't see my brushes.

Can you help me?

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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
haven't tried this tool
and from what I have read it is very difficult to make them let alone use them, pity these tools should be an enjoyable experience. You know so you get on with your creating.
I found these guides if they help
to install them follow these instructions*:

-Extract the RAR into your Paint Tool SAI folder (install 7zip if you don't have winRAR).
-Run start-sai.exe to install the textures.
-Create a new "Brush" and manually adjust the settings like you see here,
Saving brush settings in Paint tool Sai
If you need to know something may I suggest you look in on Youtube, if you're like me seeing how it's done helps a lot
Installing Sai Brushes Youtube vidoe

If you want try Inkscape, another free open source Vector tool many free tips on Youtube
and Paint dot net free open source very handy , I love this one when you want add some special features effects
Other places I use is Wikipedia for guides onjust about any of these tools
Does this assist you?
U_S_AAuthor Commented:
Thanks, the video helped
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