Cisco ASR 1001 sagging about half an RU


My WAN provider just installed two ASR 1001's in a rack and I noticed they are sagging about half an RU at the back ( there is 1 RU spacing between to two units ), The 4 rack nuts are done up tight on each unit. Is this a problem or normal, I have noticed other switches sagging slightly too. I guess once bolted in by the rack nuts their not moving anywhere.
JamesSolutions ArchitectAsked:
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Attaching the Chassis Rack-Mount Brackets
The Cisco ASR 1001 Router also has a set of threaded features in the rear of the chassis to accommodate a set of rear mounting brackets, should the requirement arise.

I have a lot of sagging Cisco stuff too.  For the price the VARs charge, you'd think they'd make it neat and professional.  Of course, Cisco does not help with full documentation, pictures, part numbers, etc.  I had TAC tell me to find a VAR and ask them how to find the right parts to hold the gear parallel to the deck.

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JamesSolutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
I think as long as it wont damage the unit or ( the unit wont fall out of the rack ! ) I will just leave it as is.
It's sad to waste the space.  When you need to leave an empty 1u space to accommodate a bad install or bad design, it looks unprofessional.  Not to drink keeps sliding off.  ;)
aleghart has the answer for this question in regards to it being normal and that the VARs really should spend the extra money to make it neat and professional.
As far as damage goes, I wouldn't have any reason to worry as I see the sag all the time but have yet to see one of the mounting brackets actually break and cause damage.
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