How to show recent customers information in Wordpress ?

I have a small business where we serve clients worldwide who are interested in legal & corporate services . I have a website also which runs on wordpress. I have noticed that giving information about your recent clients is a good way to boost confidence in your prospective clients. So I want to give following information.
Tagline  :
Home country :
And other details like ; services availed, business plan etc.

The way I want to do is ; all these clients should be shown on one page ( something like in media gallry, with only tagline being shown ). When somebody click on it , it should popup in a lightbox and show other details .
Many image galaires work in this manner but can I do it with text ?
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meb_santosoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check if your image gallery plugin can support tagline(s) and/or caption(s). Most of them are.

You can then hack the plugin to fill in the caption(s) using the texts you defined previously as post tags (I hope I understand your wish correctly).

Another way is to make your own custom posts, or 'Clients' page(s), in which you can make posts, each post for each client, and in those custom posts you can go nuts.

As for displaying them, make a new wordpress template file that populate the custom pages and display them using a loop.

You can search the web on how to create a custom post type and how to display them. There are tons of pages of tuts out there.


Your mileage may vary: experience in modification of a script, messing around with PHP and stuff would be a big plus.

I won't make these kinds of modifications on a live site; either deploy a private testing environment on your hosting server or better yet, test it locally and upload the whole theme when ready.
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