win 7 eventviewer isatap.xxxxx.local spelled incorrectly

hi my win 7 laptop is joined to a win 2003 domain.

ive just spotted in the eventviewer:

dns client events - "name resolution for the name isatap.itsevices.local timed out after none of the configured dns servers responded"

it should be (itservices not itsevices.local)

question 1.  can anyone tell me how to correct this  ?

note: intermitantely my gpo for (folder redirection) works sometimes and fails on another reboot ive noticed but also my proxy settings don't take effect unless added manually and when I logon it logs on with (temporarily profile).

ive ran gpo modelling wizard which is successful but after all checks etc I located the above on my win 7 laptop.
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mikey250Author Commented:
hi sushil84, ive been reading simular urls and have just read through those and they are not relevant to my situation.

im currently running a local domain but yes via my isa 2006 firewall for internet access to 1 x isp with no wirless and nothing else just a domain gpo network with win 2003 & xp desktops and win 7 laptop which is the only issue i have.

i have also removed ie10 just incase but still same issue as ive always had this issue, but as ive now spotted this particular problem as per my main thread i wish to know where this issue (would sit) so i can either delete or maybe remove win 7 laptop from domain and clear ad/dns/dhcp & restart or do a clean install of win 7 - which is long winded so did not want to do this!

but appreciate the response.

no one seems to be able to let me know where this entry below physically sits so i can at least view it:

dns client events - "name resolution for the name isatap.itsevices.local timed out after none of the configured dns servers responded"

it should be (itservices not itsevices.local)
mikey250Author Commented:
after confirming gpo is correct specifically for win 7 latop and running gpo modelling wizard is all good and restarted server a few times.

ive also opened dns and checked every folder in dns gui and (itservices.local is showing correctly and not showing an entry for - itsevices.local)!!!!!!!

i then decided to do the below:

- removed win 7 laptop from domain
- logged onto master dc and removed from windows 7 (ad - container) - win7 laptop object
also removed all entriesn 7 laptop from dns & dhcp entries and restarted and rebooted server
- moved win 7 domain account back to ad default computer container but did not remove user profile
- logged on locally via win 7 laptop and removed all old entries except for defaults
- joined win 7 back to domain
- logged back onto master dc
- confirmed win 7 laptop appeared in (ad computer container)
- logged win 7 off domain
- logged back onto master dc and moved win 7 laptop and domain user account back to (ad - win7laptop container) which is set for gpo/folder redirection as usal
- logged win 7 laptop onto domain
- win 7 laptop logged on with temporary profile
- win 7 folder redirection did not work
- win 7 laptop still shows internet via gpo as expected
- restarted win 7 a few times
- win 7 eventviewer folder redirection still showing issue
- win 7 gpo/proxy continues to allow internet access

still same issue:

dns client events - "name resolution for the name isatap.itsevices.local timed out after none of the configured dns servers responded"

it should be (itservices not itsevices.local)

note:  if there is some (.txt) log file some where that has this entry i am not sure where to go and delete or sync this issue, so i can only think of completing a win 7 clean install again and removing all traces again from ad/dns/dhcp as maybe some corruption issue.

i will be deciding in a bit!
mikey250Author Commented:
i removed all domain member servers from the domain and uninstalled only (dns & ad) and then re-installed back but this still did not resolve problem.
i then had another look inside the (dhcp) that i did not remove and saw in the (reservations) list the  (static ip address member servers) and viewed that i could see the spelling mistake showing as: (itsevices.local when it should have been itservices.local), which i had already viewed via my eventviewer, but removing dns & ad i thought would resolve this but it did not.

although all my machines appeared to work ok and receive updates via my wsus for example and internet access via my isa 2006 firewall i am not sure what other problems this may have caused later or during without me knowing as sometimes i would receive random errors but put this down to myself troubleshooting something else maybe or did something wrong.

although my win 7 laptop had the dns problem as it always logged me on with a (temporary profile because it could not even locate a local profile) due to i assume the dns issue i had which showed the following error: (itsevices.local) spelled incorrectly.

also my xp desktop had issues, although it still allowed me to logon via the domain as normal and log off without no errors showing when logging off and have internet access.  i did not see the (redirection folder) as i have done in the passed, but in the end i installed some (hiveclean) program for xp thinking this would resolve my issue as was not sure if the (itsevices.local) was actually the problem.

in the end i removed all domain servers from the domain and xp desktop and win 7 and changed the domain name to a (new domain name) and all machines are connected back to the domain as usual and my win 7 logs onto the domain with no problems now.

i will join my xp back to the domain so hopefully i will have no issues either when i check the eventviewer.

note: i had to do it this way as no one was able to tell me if i could manually ammend this issue as i did not know where to look exactly and it most likely was some file hidden on my system somewhere.

note:  when i did (ipconfig /all) i could see - isatap.  which is what i saw on my win 7 eventviewer also showing (itsevices.local) spelled incorrectly.

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mikey250Author Commented:
i did not fix my problem as in the end i just removed all servers and clients from the domain and removed and re-installed and created a new domain name which removed my domain name spelling mistake and now all is ok.

i would have liked to get an answer on how to manually put this right but was not able to find that advice.
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