redirect all email for a specific domain to a single mailbox


i have an exchange 2007 server, ad 2008.

i need a way to redirect all email for one domain, for exemple, to a specific mailbox.
all email are sended to non existing mailbox.

i have found 0 solution to do this with exchange 2007, so may be it possible to install other email server (not exchange), and forward all email for this domain to this server. from this server i redirect all email to a single mailbox stored on my exchange 2007.

thanks for help
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So you are the owner of this "", you have an MX record pointing to your servers?

As I'm not totally sure what you're asking, maybe you could read up on:

Pay extra attention on the Internal and External relay, maybe that's what you're looking for. Have another internal mail server ready to accept your mail. Personally, I like the free hMailServer, and configure it for "", create one user, and have a catchall to that user.

Another method without configuring your Exchange server, is to have the MX point to another IP number (assuming you have more coming in), and point it directly to this extra  hMailServer you will set up. But as I said, you have to have access to the MX records, you have to have more IP numbers available, and you have to set up another server.
cawasakiAuthor Commented:
Hello Kimputer,

i have install hMailserver a few minute ago, and it do what i need :).

i have configure 0 account and in the catchall adress i have put a mailbox in my exchange 2007 organisation.

i still have a question for the hmailserver, i need to now, if the hmailser cannot contact my exchange server hub, how many time it can take the email in the queu and are this is configurable?

hMailServer Administrator: Settings > Protocols > SMTP > tab Delivery of Email
Default is 4 retries after each 60 minutes.

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cawasakiAuthor Commented:
ok thanks
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