creating cluster powerha two nodes separately geographically


we want to create  a very simple cluster with only two nodes. They are on different geographically sites. The only connection is trhough a 1 GB ethernet network. They do not share any disks/VGs neither a unique IP service. They only run some RGs which start/stop scripts on any on the nodes. I mean, let's see an example.



If NODE1 is gone, RG1 and RG2 starts on NODE2.

This RGS only run some start/stops scripts to our application. As you see it's very simple setup.

But, the only way, AFAIK,  to create  only one TCPIP ether type network (no disk heartbeat, no non-TCP network or even GLVM-XD-DATA/IP network) between the nodes, but  we also know it's recommended to have more than ONE network between nodes.

So, the question would be:

Do you think is possible to add another network (to the existing ether network type) between the nodes?

What will do powerHA with RGs if this ethernet network is down and NODE1 and NODE2 are Up?
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PowerHA System Mirror 7 cannot be set up that way, it requires the presence of a shared quorum/repository disk.

If you have just one communication path between the nodes you can basically have just one heartbeat connection.  

Establishing a disk heartbeat path over iSCSI could be an option, however - even for the HA 7.1 repository disk.

Failure of the single communication path will result in a partitioned cluster. Each node will assume that the other node has failed and will try to take over.

sminfoAuthor Commented:
Hi wmp.. in our case we have power ha 6.1 EE..  so m the quorum disk is not a problem right now...;)

I;m not sure powerha 6.1 has iscsi: see below:

                                         |                          Select a Network Type                           |
                                         |                                                                          |
                                         | Move cursor to desired item and press Enter.                             |
                                         |                                                                          |
                                         |   # Discovery last performed: (Not Performed)                            |
                                         |   # Discovered IP-based Network Types                                    |
                                         |                                                                          |
                                         |   # Discovered Serial Device Types                                       |
                                         |                                                                          |
                                         |   # Pre-defined IP-based Network Types                                   |
                                         |   XD_data                                                                |
                                         |   XD_ip                                                                  |
                                         |   atm                                                                    |
                                         |   ether                                                                  |
                                         |   fddi                                                                   |
                                         |   hps                                                                    |
                                         |   ib                                                                     |
                                         |   token                                                                  |
                                         |                                                                          |
                                         |   # Pre-defined Serial Device Types                                      |
                                         |   XD_rs232                                                               |
                                         |   diskhb                                                                 |
                                         |   rs232                                                                  |
                                         |   tmscsi                                                                 |
                                         |   tmssa                                                                  |
sminfoAuthor Commented:
WMp.. we have worked for some time with powerha.. in deed we have some production clusters working 100% with powerha.. we 're very happy with this ibm product..  but, it seems it's not ready for this so simple setup with two nodes and 2 start/stop scripts.... is incredible...
It's a matter of the missing second heartbeat line, that's all. If you had some kind of non-IP path everything would be fine.

iSCSI should hide behind "diskhb", by the way, because iSCSI disks show up as normal hdisks.

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sminfoAuthor Commented:
oopss... really, disk are shown as hdisks on the AIX side..... you have gave me an idea... thanks!!
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