netbackup 7 default reports

Are there any default reports that come with netbackup that would show:

What exactly you are backing up on a given server
Schedules for the backup, i.e. when it will take place, how often etc
History for the backup, i.e. failed and success status over the past 6 weeks

Can you provide the names of the reports that would get me the above? I'd be amazed if there arent reports that can provide the above?
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Sai Prasad KinneraConnect With a Mentor Support Delivery ManagerCommented:
Hope this helps!!

Types of reports that are available in netbackup:

Since the data you asking for is available in database you can follow this document to customize on  your own.
pma111Author Commented:
Will take a look through, are there any specific reports that list specifically what I am after though in the list?
pma111Author Commented:
Also wondered what NBU refers to as the selection of what it is you are backing up on a given server? Is there a specific term NBU uses for the selection?
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