How to convert Wired ethernet to wireless (no wireless access point!)

Hi expert,

Have a question re converting wired to wireless connection. I know what a wireless access point is and how it works, but in this situation WAP is not an option, unless it is one with no setup required.

Long story cut short. Basically I am going to travel abroad and will spend a month in a hotel. The hotel supply a "wired" connection in the room so no problem using laptop. However I would like to make that wired connection to a wireless connection so that I can use my phone, iPad etc. I know how WAP works but it is a hotel and I will NOT have any details (IP address etc) to setup.

Do anyone know what kind of technology/adaptor I can acquire in order to convert the wired into wireless connection? I search through the internet most products I found convert wireless into wired instead.

Please do NOT suggestion WAP unless it is one that doesn't require setup.

Many thanks for your suggestion.
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Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are two or more options.

One is a mobile router like the one below.

TPlink WR-700N

The other option is a software solution like the one below assuming that you will bring a notebook running windows 7 or above.

you can setup any computer as a wifi access point with or without security

if you do so, just share the wired connection with the wireless network and you're done
ormerodrutterAuthor Commented:
The TP-Link looks good. And they are fairly cheap too

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