Dell Studio screen flickers when I move the mouse

I have a clients laptop which used to have Vista on it and they upgraded to Windows 7.  I suspect there are some driver issues going on but not sure how to figure this out.

But basically as the title suggests, everytime I move the mouse the screen starts to flicker and it drives you bonkers because you can't see much at all when you use it.

It happens whether you use the trackpad or plug in a usb mouse.
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FaulknemConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It seems to be stable now, after the BIOS update and mousepad driver update.  I jumped on here a bit early I think.
Scott CConnect With a Mentor Senior Systems EnginerCommented:
Have you installed the latest BIOS, video and chipset drivers?  That would be the place I'd start first.

Also, does it do the same thing in Safe Mode?  If it works, then I'd definitley say it is drivers.
FaulknemAuthor Commented:
I'll see what I can accomplish, the screen goes black when I move the mouse and then comes back on then off then on.  So it's like its teasing me everytime I touch the mouse!

Difficult to get anything done on it. I don't have another monitor to plug it into either.
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Scott CSenior Systems EnginerCommented:
Go into Safe Mode by pressing F8 when starting up.  If you don't have the issue you should be able to update the drivers I mentioned.

How are you at moving around using the keyboard?  Alt-Tab, arrow keys. etc...  You can do almost anything in Windows with the keyboard that you can with the mouse.  You just have to develop a feel for it.

When I worked for Microsoft one of the best classes I had was "Eek!!!  No  Mouse!!!".  When we came back from lunch, all of the mice had been removed and we had to finish the day with just the keyboard.

I still use those skills almost 20 years later.
FaulknemAuthor Commented:
Weird, now its working without flickering??

I think this is just a dodgy old laptop.  Someone's installed windows 7 32bit and there isn't even drivers for that version of windows and this laptop DELL 1737.

Anyway it's working so I'll hand it back and run I think!
Scott CSenior Systems EnginerCommented:
If the problem comes back try the latest Vista drivers.  I've found they are usually compatible with Windows 7.
i found that many problems are cured by rebooting a couple of times - they seem to repair some starnge issues, but take their time...
it can also be due to an update
FaulknemAuthor Commented:
It was pretty straight forward in the end.
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