Manage Engine Netflow Analyser

Hello Community,

Hello Experts,

I'm evaluating Manage Engine's Netflow Analyzer. However, I'm not able to see the routers interface.

I have configured the router with the following Netflow Configurations:

show flow monitor
Flow Monitor FlowMonitor1:
  Description:       User defined
  Flow Record:       FlowRecord1TopT
  Flow Exporter:     NETFLOW-TO-ME
    Type:              normal
    Status:            allocated
    Size:              32768 entries / 2097276 bytes
    Inactive Timeout:  15 secs
    Active Timeout:    86520 secs
    Update Timeout:    1800 secs

show flow record
flow record FlowRecord1TopT:
  Description:        User defined
  No. of users:       1
  Total field space:  35 bytes
    match ipv4 tos
    match ipv4 protocol
    match ipv4 source address
    match ipv4 destination address
    match transport source-port
    match transport destination-port
    match interface input
    match interface output
    match flow direction
    collect counter bytes
    collect counter packets
    collect timestamp sys-uptime first

uk0149_ISR1921_100Cheapside#show flow exporter
Flow Exporter NETFLOW-TO-ME:
  Description:              User defined
  Export protocol:          NetFlow Version 9
  Transport Configuration:
    Destination IP address:
    Source IP address:
    Transport Protocol:     UDP
    Destination Port:       9995
    Source Port:            55775
    DSCP:                   0x0
    TTL:                    255
    Output Features:        Not Used

show run int tunn 0
Building configuration...
Current configuration : 822 bytes
interface Tunnel0
 description ** mGRE/NHRP tunnel **
 bandwidth 2048
 ip address
 no ip redirects
 ip mtu 1400
 ip flow monitor FlowMonitor1 input
 ip flow monitor FlowMonitor1 output

Can you tell me why I can't see the device?


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Are the two devices able to ping one another. Is there a network device that is in between the Neflow Exporter and the Netflow Analyzer that perhaps has an ACL configured that is blocking/denying this traffic for UDP port 9995.

Using ping with the source keyword and "traceroute" will help you in identifying where the communication is failing at.

Hope this helps
cpatte7372Author Commented:

Thanks for responding. The devices are indeed able to ping each other. No Acls blocking traffic
Since the two devices are able to ping one another and there are no ACL's blocking this traffic what type of host is running the netflow analyzer software? If this is a Windows PC you will need to modify the windows Firewall to allow port 9995 through the firewall.

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