20 Meg E-line Turnup

We have just turned up a 20 meg eline from Optimum  Light path.  For more info on the service carrier product please click https://golightpath.com/e-line

I was told that the eline should be a switch to switch product, similar to connecting fiber cable to a remote switch stack. Please correct me if I am wrong, that is the info I received from the service provider.
1.      Receiving timeouts on RDP on servers and a remote control product called dameware are receiving timeouts
2.      We are getting slow data transfer to and from the remote site.
3.      Basic network slowness

Main Site:
Main Switch Stack (Nortel \Avaya5530)
Other Vlans on Main site, 1(mgt), 241(voip), 242 (wireless)
Port 3/48, has Vlan 244, 245, 247 (these are the Vlans of the remote switch)
This port is set up as a trunk ports.

Remote Switch Stack (Nortel \Avaya5520)
Port 2/46, has Vlan 244(mgt), 245. 247
This port is set up as a trunk ports.

Please see attached for switch Config
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E-Line is a Layer 2 point to point service, are you able to access any thing across the link?

The question is, how did you intend to use this product? Are you using the same vlan in both locations? Did the provider give you detailed configuration instructions?

Is the provider tagging the traffic?

harbor235 ;}
thecookmanAuthor Commented:
Provider instructions are nonexistent.  ¿ Even asked when i called in the NOC :(

Correct it is a Layer 2 p2p with the same Vlans on each side. We have traffic over the link, but just slowness on main stack and timeouts. Wireshark shows no errors.  

I think my config is good, but a second look always a good idea in my book.  
 I think I am going to call in as a trouble.
I read more this time, its a trunk port, so is the problem that a host on vlan x has poor performance to a remote host also in vlan x? or is it to a different vlan/subnet? vlan Y?
So I am trying to figure out if this is a layer2 or a layer3 issue.

How about link utilization? are you overwhelming the port? you have a 20Mbps CIR,
do you have graphs of the link?

harbor235 ;}
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thecookmanAuthor Commented:
Correct its a trunk port because I am sening 3 vlans over the link to the main switch.  One vlan is for VOIP.  Only getting about 3 megs max through the link.  Port stats look good.

Slow performance on all vlans on either side.  I am going to look at multicast now.
Something to consider, induced latency due to distance. You may need to optimize your IP stack if the latency is sufficient?  What is your latency between sites?

harbor235 ;}

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thecookmanAuthor Commented:
It was the provider - Issue on there handoff, some duplex mismatch.  >:(

Thank you for your help
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