Importing CRM 4.0 organization on to new CRM 2011 install

I have a CRM 4.0 organization (say CRMOrgA) with SQL 2005 CRM database named CRMOrgA_MSCRM on domain A on Windows Server 2003.

I have a new domain B on Windows Server 2012 and Active Directory migration was completed from domain A to bring all the users in. I have successfully installed CRM 2011 on SQL Server 2012.

Here is the problem. I used the same organization name CRMOrgA for the CRM 2011 install to create a CRMOrgA_MSCRM database on SQL Server 2012.

To resolve the same organization name, here are the options I am thinking of, let me know which one will work:

i) Disable CRMOrgA organization on the CRM 2011 install. Restore CRMOrgA_MSCRM from SQL 2005 as CRMOrgB_MSCRM on the new SQL Server 2012. Import the CRM 4.0 organization using Deployment Manager on the new CRM 2011 install. Can the organization name be changed during import?

ii) Uninstall CRM 2011. Re-install with different default organization name. Restore CRMOrgA_MSCRM from SQL 2005 as CRMOrgA_MSCRM on the new SQL Server 2012. Import the CRM 4.0 organization successfully and disable the different default organization name.

I am hoping that ii) is not the only solution. But if it is, it is what it is. How does it impact the fact that I have installed Update Rollup 14 for the CRM Server and CRM Reporting Extensions after the CRM install on both the CRM server and SQL Server (which are separate). If ii) is the only way out, do I have to re-install the rollups again?

Let me know.


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Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
You can change the organization name during an import. However the organization name is stored in the database and is not taken from the name of the database.  I think you should try in the CRM2011 deployment manager, disabling and then deleting the organization (assuming that you don't want it!) Then delete the corresponding database in SQL Server.

Then restore your CRM 4 org to the new SQL Server and then in Deployment Manager run the Import Organization wizard. The database should get upgraded to UR14. You do not need to reinstall the Update Rollups,

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chad_sriramAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much!!!

I had a huge CRM 4.0 organization database to migrate, so it took me a while to respond.

That suggestion helped immensely and saved me a lot of time. Thanks again.

One small note to add, even though some users in my old Active Directory domain had CRM record ownership but were disabled after the fact, the import organization feature brought across those records and allowed me to re-assign them after the import was completed.
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