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We are consolidating our multi-site(multi-location) environment in a couple weeks, we're going from three sites to one.

We have a 2008 Windows Domain with two remote sites(Site B and Site C) routed to the main site(Site A) over point-to-point T-1 connections. The new building just happens to have a private fiber line running to remote site B which is going to allow for what I hope is a relatively smooth transition. The end result I'm planning for is moving to one single AD Site with a larger scoped sub net. Currently each site is /24 and the new site is going to be /16

I'm hoping to get some advise on what would be the best way to make the move happen.

My first thought is to add a third AD Site(Site D)  with the /16 sub net keeping the entire domain up until all buildings have been moved to the new site. Then as building are emptied I simply delete those site from the domain.

My second thought was, maybe the default main site should not be deleted as it may cause some AD Domain errors that will be difficult to track down. So change the default main site sub net to /16 and move it to the new site adding the third site(Site D) in the previous main sites location until it can be deleted. I've in the past changed sub net's on a domain without too many problems but am I creating more work than I really need to do?

Your thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated!!
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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you are talking about doing with the /16 is known as a catch all subnet

That would work fine,  there isn't anything special about the default-first-site-name.   You could go with plan B and just move the DCs into the site and then delete their sites after the move.


thecookmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have managed switches in the new main site?   If so, I think the easiest way to consolidate is to move the subnets of the remote sites/old main to the new main site.   That way you can just power down your servers and plug them in at the main site to a couple dedicated switch ports.  Not sure if that is feasible from a location standpoint.  If you are also moving the physical PC’s from one site to the main you can just add another switch to your stack and designate them the remote subnet.

 The last thing I would ever want to do is make changes to your domain environment when you can make a simple subnet change especially if you are not sure if you may run into a domain problem. Later you can tackle taking the servers offline.

I would go with your option 2
ja5onAuthor Commented:
Awesome guys thanks, yes all switches are managed.
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