Extremely slow subtotal removal

One of my users reported issues with an Excel document when removing subtotals. The client is using Office 2010 x86 and I am using Office 2010 x64. I let the process run for nearly 6 hours and it still hadn't finished.

I have also attempted this with Excel running in safe mode to disable any addons that might be slowing it down. I also checked CPU affinity to make sure all cpu cores were available. I did notice in task manager that Excel never uses more than 25% of the cpu.

Here are the steps that I am taking: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/remove-subtotals-HP010079193.aspx

Is there a solution to speed this process up?
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Hi yes subtotals are very resource intensive. Even with the outline cleared and calculation set to manual, it was still taking too long for my short attention span. I noted then a VLOOKUP in column I, and after eliminating that, I got it down to less than a minute. Steps:
1. Set calculation to manual
2. Clear outline
3. Show all columns
4. Copy & paste-special values column I (Final Destination)
5. AutoFilter the range
6. Filter column M to show blanks only
7. Select all the rows in the range except for the header row
8. Right-click and hit delete.
9. Wait a minute or two until it is complete
10. Remove filter
11. Reinstate VLOOKUP in Final Destination if required
12. Set Calculation to Auto

This could easily be automated if your client is comfortable with macros.
For future subtotalling, your client should consider Pivot Tables instead for this task. Much faster!
Hope that helps

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