Final steps to migrate Exchange 2007 to 2013

I have Ex2013 running on a new server (2012).  It will hold all roles, as did the Ex07 server. I bought and installed a new certificate and now all owa requests to the Ex13 server forward to Ex07.  I think these are my next steps but I need confirmation and some direction:

make and autodiscover entries in DNS
Install new cert to Ex07. (is this required - servers are on the same LAN/subnet)
Move the CAS namespace to Ex13 (what is this?)
Move the mailboxes (store #1) and public folders (store #2) to the new server (how?)
Change my network to point outside traffic to the new server

Where do I setup the SMTP connectors, etc on Ex13 or does it inherit these from Ex07?
How do I then get 07 out of the picture - just uninstall exchange?
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dvanakenAuthor Commented:
Well that got me part of the way but there's a lot of detail in that guide to allow the 07 server and the 13 server to co-exist.  Outlook Anywhere, SCP point, External URLs.  

Can I skip all that and move the mailboxes and just cut over to the 13 server?

I checked and the new server responds on port 25 - I will be replacing the inside NAT address in my firewall with the address of the new server so no changes on the outside and no propagation time needed.

What about public folders (my #2 database) - I see no reference to moving them... address books, anything else need to come over to the new server?
NetoMeter ScreencastsCommented:
Hi Dvanaken,

This is a serious project and you'd better approach it seriously:)

"Can I skip all that and move the mailboxes and just cut over to the 13 server" is not the best planning, I would say.

Anyway, first you need to decide whether you are performing a quick upgrade or coexistence scenario. You've already bought and installed  a new SAN certificate, so you should be choosing the coexistence road (and that's the recommended one). That means adding ans using a legacy namespace.

You might helpful the following video - it presents a brief overview of the required steps for your scenario.

The order in which you perform the different stages of the upgrade is really important. Moreover, even if you are planning for a quick upgrade, you might get stuck at certain phase or you might have to roll-back.
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dvanakenAuthor Commented:
Since I didn't ask for a lecture I'd have to say that's not really all that helpful :-)

I've been using Exchange since the NT days and I'm perfectly qualified to assess the risks of alternate approaches.

I do not need a "coexistence scenario".  I need to end up with one server that replaces the one I have been using.  I only have 50 mailboxes.

It seems much of the microsoft literature is focused on the two servers running together with multiple steps that end up with the 07 server going away anyway - I understand how that might be valuable for large organizations but it's just a time-waster for me.  If I can save a day of messing around to get everything up and running on the new server it's much preferred (even if mail is down for a few hours).

I'm hoping somebody can help me focus in on the critical steps - otherwise I'll open a ticket with msft.
dvanakenAuthor Commented:
This was very helpful and I'm almost there.  Thank you.
Senior IT System EngineerIT ProfessionalCommented:
Please let us know if there is any issue during the cutover :-)
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