Access table to Oracle using SQL Developer 3.2.20

I'm attempting to use SQL Developer (for the first time) to migrate a table in Access and its data to Oracle.  I've checked and followed many of the helps available from Oracle.
I've created a migration repository in a new user (mwrep_orcl) and have successfully gone through the TOOLS|MIGRATION|MIGRATE wizard.
I now show two items under the migration tab in SQL Developer.

And that's where all the tutorials seem to leave me.
I've checked the mwrep_orcl user and the table is not there. I have a number of other schemas, but no table there either.

Could someone fill me in on the next steps to get the table into a specific schema and getting the data into that new table?

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Praveen Kumar ChandrashekatrDatabase Analysist Senior Commented:
After converted the database objects into oracle model then you need to genrate the DDL and deploy it to the target database that will create the required tables in the database.

After successfully depolying the DDL into migrated database then you can load the data into the tables.

All these steps are clearly mention in the oracle tutorials. i'm not sure which are the documents you reffered.

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GNOVAKAuthor Commented:
Yes - The article I was using was the first mentioned.
Once I right click and select GENERATE, the wizard pops up again and takes me to the TARGET DATABASE selection. It may seem apparent, but I do not understand what it is referring to in this screen - "Choose the target connection to generate and run the database migration script"

Is this where I wish the table to be placed? or is this the same connection with system rights, or the user that I created for the repository?

The next screen asks for the source and target connections for online data move.
I dont understand which of the above 3 I need to use here for source (repository user?) and target (schema where I wish it to be placed?)

Since I only want the one table and Access only has the one table, will it try to create tables and other items I dont need ?
Praveen Kumar ChandrashekatrDatabase Analysist Senior Commented:
>>Choose the target connection to generate and run the database migration script<<

It tells you that if you select the target database, then once its generate the DDL from the converted model it will deploy it in target DB automatically that is why its asking for login details. so you have to give an system user login details.

>>Is this where I wish the table to be placed?<<
Check the generate script which will have the user details which it has created my conversion and the table will be placed in that user. e.g in the document which you reffered it is Northwind user created.

>>The next screen asks for the source and target connections for online data move.<<
Source : this is the access DB from which you want to migrate the data .
Target : the user created in target DB after deploying the DDL scripts which you generated from the conversion model.

Please go through the doc it is clearly mention, also in the document the offline data movement is mention.

if still you have heav issues please share the screenshot for the same.
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