Conference room tv to replace a projector

Hi experts.

I've been tasked with replacing 2 existing projectors with an LED or LCD. Is one better than the other for viewing text? In doing some reading, I've seen that there may be a problem viewing text from a document or spreadsheet.

As it stands, we have only Dell Latitudes in our company and would ideally like to connect to a flat screen wirelessly. In addition, there's a need to support conectivity for presenations using iPad's and iPhone's. I'm familiar with the old days of having a ceiling mounted projector, a drop-down screen, and a dedicated pc with a wireless keyboard and mouse in each conference room.

Also, I'm looking at smartboards as a potential option. Although, I don't want to break the bank.

Any advice or direction would be appreciated.

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If there's budget, I would suggest a Samsung 55" LED (under 1500 euros, not sure where you're from). It's FULL HD, and let me assure you, it's DEFINITELY readable, no matter what spreadsheet or other document.
LCD's are not from this time anyway, so you can't get it even if you wanted. LED is just the backlight anyway. The viewing angles are still very good.
Connectivity with iPhone and iPad are standard, as the TV will have HDMI (you either choose to use the simple HDMI cable, or more advanced like AppleTV and mirror over Airplay, depending on your budget).
For the PC, you have to buy another wireless HDMI solution.

It doesn't matter which LED screen you buy, the PC/iPad display solution is always a seperate solution.

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Eddie_1Author Commented:
So, will there need to be another device attached to a usb port on the LED to accept wireless connectivity from an iPad or iPhone?

For pc's to connect, it looks like the Warpia StreamHD,  Rocketfish 4-Port Wireless HD Kit, or the Vizio XWH200 Universal Wireless HD Video & Audio Kit could do the trick. Have you worked with any of these or make a recommendation?
iPad/iPhone, wireless solution > then AppleTV and Airplay Mirroring, it's connected to the HDMI of the LED

No recommendations for the PC though. Your solutions are some USB based, some HDMI based on the PC side (HDMI being much easier, no software needed, but PC needs HDMI output already). All HDMI based on the LED side.
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