Cryptolocker removal

I have a system that's been infected with Cryptolocker.  Very nasty stuff.  I removed it from the network it was in, and restored all of the office files that it encrypted.  Now I'm trying to get rid of the virus, and all of the removal tools I'm using aren't working.  I've tried hijackthis, eset, malwarebytes, ms security essentials, avg 2013 and 2014, and spybot S&D.  After running all the scanners/cleaners, I rebooted the system and the was still there, with it's original countdown still going.

I've also tried pulling the hard drive and scanning it with another machine.  Mbytes and AVG2014 report the disk is clean, even though I saw the active infection before I pulled the drive.

This particular workstation has a bunch of application software that would be painful and time consuming to re-install, so I'd really rather not scratch it.  

Anybody have any success getting rid of this?

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ITguy850Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Boot into safemode and manually clear the temp folders of the user profile. c:\users\user\appdata etc....

Also do a full malwarebytes scan.

You will also have to manually change the desktop background back to the normal wallpaper.
Unless you have some kind of new variant, you shouldn't have much problem removing the infection (unencrypting the files is a whole nother story).

Try using RogueKiller - install and run the initial scan - then download and run a fresh version of MBAM. Do not reboot between the RK scan and the MBAM scans.

Do NOT do any work in "Safe Mode". These tools are designed to run in "Normal Mode" - as are most malware.

Details in these EE Articles: Rogue-Killer-What-a-great-name Stop-the-Bleeding-First-Aid-for-Malware
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I meant malware bytes full scan in safe mode with networking
The recommendation from Malwarebytes is a "Quick Scan" - done in "Normal Mode".
Windows File Protection service is not running in Safe Mode - which could allow the scanner to delete critical system files causing the system to not be able to boot.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSystems AnalystCommented:
The same question is being discussed here.  My link to tools that say they are for removal of this malware is here in the same thread.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSystems AnalystCommented:
You can also reference this article from windows secrets.
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