Has Anyone Ever Tried This Type Of Mouse?


If you have used one, have you stuck with it, or ....  reverted back to a regular mouse?

Are the extra features simply novelties?
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerAsked:
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Daniel HelgenbergerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have this mouse and using it since about one year. Battery live is ok; it is simple. Note, this is a notebook mouse. I have read some reviews claiming problems with the palm rest; I cannot confirm this. The trackpad is quite handy, like the Mac Mighty Mouse.

Note: The mouse has a quite high resolution; which might result in movement/acceleration problems when using some generic drivers. Esp. you need to be able to set a separate values for mouse and trackpad cursor speeds.

I could this mouse not get working on MacOS, but my Fedora and Windows works quite well.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks helge000. No one else here seems to use this type of mouse.

I'm still unclear as to what extra functionality / advantages it provides compared to a regular two button + wheel mouse (especially with a desktop PC).

It doesn't look that easy to handle .... a regular mouse is designed to the shape of a hand.
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
Maybe I was not clear by comparing it to Apples MightyMouse.

This mouse has a touch sensor integrated in the middle mouse button. You can click it like a middle mouse button but also 'swipe' with it, working like a mouse wheel vertically as well as horizontally.
Since it is BT native, you do not need any special drivers per definition. These, along with the small form factor were the main reasons for me to by this mouse.

Note: as with any particular peripheral equipment I think you can count yourself lucky by finding one using it. Just buy, and sell / return / dump it if it is not working for you.
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerAuthor Commented:
It sounds like its worth a try ... I just don't want to waste €60 on device that will live most of it's life in the back of a drawer.

Final question .... If your present one was destroyed, would you buy another .....

A) Definitely Yes ..... I miss it
B) Probably ... sometime or other
C) I couldn't be bothered either way ..... My regular mouse does most of what I need.
D) No
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
Nice idea :)
I pick B).

But, I mostly use it on my desk when I travel the trackpad. The omni directional scroll is something I need on a mouse nowadays.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your time.
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