Raid 10 on Hyper V Host what stripe size is bes or does it matter?

I have an IBM x3650 with 4 small drives on it 60GB each. I want to turn this machine into a HYPER-V host. My Virtual machines will all be on a SAN server. I want to install 2008 R2 server on this IBM x3650.

I am going to make one raid 10 to make it look  like 1 big 120GB drive. However, the controller is asking me to pick a stripe size for these 4 drives to make the raid 10. What is the best stripe size?

This IBM Hyper V host will run 2008 server and provide the processor and memory power for these 4 virtual machines that are on my SAN.

The IBM HOST will connect to the SAN via ethernet using Iscsi and Jumbo Frame support.

Any suggestion for the stripe size for my Host?

Oy yeah i am assuming my SAN will ask me the same thing, It has 16 smaller drives and I will also make them raid 10. What stripe would be best for my SAN at raid 10? (this is where VMS are)

We only have 10 workstations in the office accessing various accounting mssql and crm programs that are on these VMs and also a virtual terminal server that sales people log into to access these programs.
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