Manipulating a string

Hi guys,

I have the below text in cell B2..

- This is the first point - This is the second point - This is the third point

Is there a formula I can use in cell A1 to insert text before the second and third dashes (not the first one). Basically i need to upload this csv to a website and cell B2 needs to read:

- This is the first point </br>- This is the second point </br>- This is the third point. So as with the html tags it displays

- This is the first point
- This is the second point
- This is the third point

Many Thanks,
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I assume there is no space at the beginning of the string, what about simply finding " - " (without quotes) and replacing with " <br />- " ?

We could write a macro to look for hyphens not at the beginning of the string too, but if there is always a space on either side of your hyphens then you could use it to your advantage.

deanlee17Author Commented:
Yes we could indeed look for " - " there will not be a space at the start of the string. Could we do this in a formula so others could use it and simply copy it down the rows?
barry houdiniCommented:
You could do what Matt suggests with a SUBSTITUTE function, too, i.e. this formula

=SUBSTITUTE(B2," - "," </br>- ")

....or if you can't guarantee that there won't be a space at the beginning SUBSTITUTE can be set to explicitly replace the nth instance only so for 2 and 3


regards, barry

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Alexander Eßer [Alex140181]Software DeveloperCommented:
You also may try:
=CONCATENATE(MID(A1;1;FIND("-";A1;2) - 1);"<br>";MID(A1;FIND("-";A1;2);FIND("-";A1;2));"<br>";MID(A1;FIND("-";A1;FIND("-";A1;2)+1);LENGTH(A1)))

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