Iphone 5 - Access another person's calendar

I have a executive assistant that has full access to owners calendar and mailbox via outlook.. How can I get her to have access to owners Calendar (most important) and Mailbox via iPhone?


GorapsI.T. ManagerAsked:
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Alan HardistyConnect With a Mentor Co-OwnerCommented:
You don't need an app for this - you just need the email address / password and add the second account (only adding the calendar) to the iPhone (settings> mail, contacts, calendar> Add Account> Select Exchange> enter the relevant details).

The iPhone will then display both the Exec Assistant and Owners Calendars (you can even change the colours to suit the Exec Assistants personal tastes) and the Exec Assistant can add appointments etc to the Owners calendar / accept appointments etc on their iPhone.

This is what Equitrac_Michael is suggesting you do in his first posting.

Michael DyerSenior Systems Support AnalystCommented:
You should be able to configure a second exchange account on her phone that is pointed to the owners account just like you set up the original one.
Michael DyerSenior Systems Support AnalystCommented:
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
iCalendar Sharing would have to be configured to connect to multiple calendars with the iphone.  

I agree with post 1, second exchange cal account however the only problem is you will need a username and password for the shared account... unfortunately there is no easy way to do this on mobile devices.
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Found this app that might assist you:  http://meebles.org/faq.html

Check it over
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