WAAS not running preposition jobs

I have a NME-WAE-502-K9 in a 2821 router and have it connected via a ipsec VPN tunnel through a ASA5510

Path to client

CM - router(3925) - switch (4501 with VLAN) - ASA - router 2821 - wae mondule - user

I can ping from the central manager to the WAE unit

I am getting TFO and DR compression but can not get the unit to complete any preposition jobs.

The will show "in progress 0 bytes" after even 24 hours.

IP insepect WAAS enabled is on the router and the ASA 5510

MTU is set to 1500

Totaly at a loss as to were to start looking.

MPontoNetwrok AdminAsked:
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MPontoConnect With a Mentor Netwrok AdminAuthor Commented:
The issue was very basic and in routing.
when at a remote site the WAE units send requests as a client and need to be routed to the same subnet with the Central Manager.  We were bringing in all traffic from the firewall to the switch with a vlan and bypassing the router
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