Excel 2010: New Cell Style Shortcut

There is a machine where the "New Cell Style" windows keeps popping up randomly (seemingly) and I'm convinced that there a shortcut being pressed on accident.

My first question, is there a shortcut for this function? (Home:Cell Styles->New Cell Style)

And 2, Is there a custom shortcut area in Excel where I can see if someone made a custom shortcut?

Any help would be appreciated.
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mvidasConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Answer 1: Yes, Alt-' (apostrophe)

Answer 2: There is not a custom shortcut area, but you can press Alt-F8 to see any visible macros with custom shortcuts made. There is still the possibility of a macro shortcut existing without seeing the macro on that dialog, but it is uncommon (it would be a macro in an Add-in, and the user would have to know the exact macro name).

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