How to extract an element from Vector

I try to extract the element in the for loop and I get an error.
Error C2440: 'initializing' : cannot convert from 'std::_Vector_const_iterator<_Myvec> *' to 'item'

Below is the code, it complain this particular line:-itemEntry it = &j; in the for loop
      typedef struct item
            item(int n) : X(n) { }
            int X;
        itemEntry;std::vector <itemEntry> itemList;
      std::vector<itemEntry>::const_iterator j;      
      itemEntry *it;
      it = new itemEntry(1);
      itemList.push_back (*it);
      it = new itemEntry(2);
      itemList.push_back (*it);

      for (j = itemList.begin(); j != itemList.end(); ++j)
            itemEntry it = &j; // This causes an syntax error, I like to exract out and manipulate the content
            std::cout << j->X << std::endl;

How do I correct this problem
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That seems to be a simple typo, that line has to be

itemEntry it = *j; // '*', not '&'

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tommym121Author Commented:
If there is any chance your compiler can or your project is allowed to use C++11 features, go for it. The new for loops and auto are a big enhancement, in my opinion. The loop would look like:
for (const auto &item: itemList)
    cout << item.X << endl;

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evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)Commented:
+1 for pepr's recommendation!
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