Connecting two managed Dell Switches (not expensive ones). Best way?


I bought two new switches from Dell. I need to connect one to the other. I have connect both with a standard ethernet cable, not a crossover cable. No problems. I read online (oh oh) that I should be using a crossover cable....? Also, spanning tree is off on both by default and no issues. Another website recommends spanning tree be on.

Who is correct?

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kdubendorfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What model switches are you using, 3524's?  

I agree with Ori that you should be using trunk ports if you have them.   Don't worry about crossover cables, today's smart switches compensate are smart enough to know whether a crossover is needed, they just handle it without any loss of performance.

I'd rather have spanning tree on myself.   Just make sure that you assign the lowest switch number to the switch that you'd like to be the master switch.

FYI, if you are dealing with PowerConnect 3524's, Dell provides free technical support for at least the first 30 days.  I think it may actually go to 60 days.   Some of their switch Techs are better than others but they can assist you.   It doesn't hurt to make a call.
If it's only 2 switches the environment doesnt sound complex. I never used crossover cables but I did make sure to connect them using the trunk ports which I believe are usually on the right side.
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