New Error Message on Boot, re: tpknrres.exe

I am getting the following error message when I boot up: "The procedure entry point GetNuanceRelatedData could not be located in the dynamic link library CommFunc.dll".  It is with reference to tpknrres.exe.  Any idea how to fix this?

The computer is a Lenovo X230, running Windows 7.
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BillDLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What version is your CommFunc.dll file?
Are you also experiencing a large CPU usage at the same time?
One fix may be to have latest version of  the Communications Utility.  That may be what BillDL is getting at.
A problem with ThinkVantage may also be involved.
What I was curious about is why the entry point has not been found in the DLL by the calling process.  The way it works is that a DLL file is a library of resources that can be "picked out" when needed by specifying a uniquely named "entry point" inside the DLL where the process can find the resource.  Older versions of DLL files that are installed may not have the same resources and entry points as newer versioned ones.  I found a page that provided me with all the named entry points within a certain version of "CommFunc.dll", and "GetNuanceRelatedData" was not amongst them.  There is a possibility that there has been a software update to the Communications Utility which has not updated some of the files.
kbachlerAuthor Commented:
Bill's comment led me to try to find ways to update the dll.  I started with sfc /scannow.  It found nothing wrong.  I then searched for the DLL on my harddrive.  It wasn't in System32.  Rather it's part of the Lenovo Communications Utility located at C:\Program Files\Lenovo\Communications Utility.  The version of CommFunc.dll was dated 6/1/2012.  I used the Lenovo automatic system updater - and it found nothing related to the Communications Utility to update.  I then did an Internet search on the ThinkVantage Communications Utility and found an update as of 9/30/2013 at  Downloading and installing this updated the dll and solved the issue.
Wow, that's fast work, and thank you.  I'm glad you have fixed the issue.  Good job.
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