can you edit a libreoffice calc sheet with a Perl script

I am trying to learn Perl.  THAT'S the main point of this question that I'm not sure is even possible.  I made a csv list of my libreoffice calc spreadsheet of my kindle books.  I would like to write a Perl script to format my csv list so that LibreOffice calc can open it and it's formatted as follows:

Swap between:
1) white text on a black background
2) black text on a white background
when the author changes.

I COULD do that manually but I want the script because this list changes daily.
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Have a look at the Text::CSV or Text::CSV_XS perl modules. They're very flexible in terms of handling a variety of input and output formats.
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
I typed:
"perldoc -f Text::CSV" and got :"No documentation for perl function `Text::CSV' found"
"perldoc -f Text::CSV_XS" and got:"No documentation for perl function `Text::CSV_XS' found"
I'm using ubuntu 13.04.  What now?
Those are modules, not functions.  If they are already installed, you can access their doc by removing the -f switch from the command.

i.e., "perldoc Text::CSV"

The docs are also available online.
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If you need to install the modules, you can use the cpan command line utility.

cpan install Text::CSV
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
I read about it but didn't know how to get to cpan

Do you think it is possible to edit a libreoffice calc file with a perl script?  I'm guessing no.
There are several cpan modules available for reading/writing spreadsheet files.

cpan search using keywords spreadsheet excel

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As some extra info, a lot of perl modules are available as Ubuntu packages, installable using the apt-get/aptitude/synaptic commands.
For example, libtext-csv-perl is the Text::CSV module.
These have the advantage of being easier to add/update/remove/trace.
Just a thought.
Have fun and good luck
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
bigbed: Thanks.  I can see Perl is going to take a good bit of effort.  Good.  I wanted to know regular expressions better.
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