Update Active directory email address change in SharePoint 2010 Foundation

All was well, until we changed the domain of our primary email server.  Systematically changed the email address settings in the Active Directory entries for each named user and much to our chagrin, SharePoint foundation is not polling for the new user information.

Search, search, search and yes, this is a limitation in foundation and there are some scripts, etc. that suggest a solution, but they seem out of date or otherwise not working.

This is a small deployment, but cannot seem to find how to get SharePoint to sync the user accounts with Active Directory, particularly the new email addresses?  All help appreciated and somewhat glad we found this now, email address changes do happen; we better learn how, now.
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Rainer JeschorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the main command would be this Powershell:
Set-SPUser -identity "domain\username" -Web http://yourportal.com -SyncFromAD

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You will have to use the users logon name and the site collection url. If you have multiple site collections, you have to run the command for each of them for each user.

See all parameters:

More information can be found in this excellent blog post:

VirtualKansasAuthor Commented:
Perfect, thank you.  The blog post was great, but I guess I'm just not savvy enough to make the script work?

The simple PS you gave me worked and we don't have many users, so one at a time isn't too much of a hardship.  Thank you...
VirtualKansasAuthor Commented:
Quick note; would this work for AD Groups?
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