Expand Network 10.10.x.x.

Have a corp network we are looking to expand - here are the details; bit of an amateur with notation so please be kind.

gateway and firewall: --

clients: thru  subnet mask:

DHCP provided to clients from W2003 Server - thru 200 -- (WE ARE MAXED OUT)

most of our servers are in the thru 30 range... workstations are scattered throuhout the network using static IPs.

If we wanted another another 256 addresses, how do all the pro's recommend we accomplish this.

Message me for more details if needed ... Thanks
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How is the physical network configured?  Is the Windows server acting as a router, or do you have seperate device for that?
simonajbartAuthor Commented:
Physical server acts as DHCP and Domain Controller

Gateway is a separate device -- Sidewinder 410F --
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Change the default subnet mask for all devices with static IP from to and then change the DHCP scope to reflect the new subnet mask.  Ensure to include your default gateway also to the list of devices with static IP addresses that needs to be changed.

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I agree with mnkhawaja.
You must increase the number of hosts in your subnet, so reduce the subnet bits mask.
to check the new details for your subnet.
Remember that you will have a class B or class A network if your subnet mask is less than 24bits (less than
simonajbartAuthor Commented:
Awesome guys - thanks for the heads up... here is the resolution.

Increased subnet on firewall burb from to -->

Increased subnet on DC and DHCP controller from to -->

Started adding pc's into the 10.10.2.x network and all is good. browsing and internet access, and also can browse domain on the machines -- excellent.
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