Getting following error from NIM server: 0042-302 m_bos_inst:

I'm using SMIT to restore a system from a recent mksysb image, but I'm getting the following error:

0042-001 nim: processing error encountered on "master":
   0042-302 m_bos_inst: the state of "shprgn" prevents this operation
        from succeeding.  Use the "reset" operation to correct
        its state then retry the intended operation.

What is this reset operation to which it refers? Is that performed on the client or the server?
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babyb00merAuthor Commented:
I think I found something under the Operation to Perform menu...
Yes, you found the right place.

"Reset" is an operation performed by the server.

smitty's fastpath is "smitty nim_mac_op" > (select machine "shprgn") - (select "reset") >
"Deallocate All Resources?" "yes" > "Force" "yes" < <Enter>

This operation resets the state of a machine to a "neutral" value, i.e. NIM no longer assumes that an operation is in progress or that resources are locked.
babyb00merAuthor Commented:
Just so I get this straight, when NIM refers to resources, it's referring to things like spot files and source depots, right?
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Right, and mksysb resources, scripts, exclude files etc.
babyb00merAuthor Commented:
OMG! I'll get back to you.
Please don't misunderstand!

Deallocating does not touch the data represented by a resource, because "resource" does not mean the data themselves (e.g. an mksysb image) but just the meta information contained in the NIM ODM database.

This DB contains the state of any resource/machine/network/control object/group etc., and a reset or deallocate just manipulates this state information, not more!
babyb00merAuthor Commented:
Whew, that was scary! This is the message I got from the reset:

warning: 0042-001 m_deallocate: processing error encountered on "master":
   0042-175 c_ch_nfsexp: An unexpected result was returned by the
        "/usr/sbin/exportfs" command:
        exportfs: /export/nim/mksysb/shprgn_100513: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.

I thought I had lost my backup image! I don't what this message is trying to tell me, but /export/nim/mksysb/shprgn_100513 does exist. First of all it's a file not a directory, and I'm just not sure why exportfs needs it during a reset.
I assume NIM tried to "unexport" the file. (Yes, mksysb images are exported to clients as files).

Did you specify "Force"? It often helps yet doesn't do any harm.

I hope you didn't try to export anything by yourself! Let NIM do all the NFS work!

You can check if there's any machine still holding a resource allocation:

for m in $(lsnim | grep standalone |awk '{print $1}'); do
A=$(lsnim -c resources $m); [[ ! -z $A ]] && printf "%16s %16s\n" $m "$A"; done

No output - no allocated resources.
Sad to say, but my day is over now.

CU tomorrow, Good night!

babyb00merAuthor Commented:
I know this will sound dumb, but do I shut the system down from the HMC prior to starting the restore? I guess my real question is, in what state should the system be when I initiate the restore?
You should have booted the machine over the network from the NIM server.
First, go to the NIM server and prepare the client for bosinst from the mksysb image.
Then boot the client into SMS, configure IP, (client, NIM server, gateway, mask).
Next, specify the net as the boot device and perform a normal mode boot.
You will then see almost the same messages and prompts as you would see during a normal base installation.
If the machine is still functional NIM gives you also the choice to have the reboot initiated from the NIM server against the running machine.

I don't recommend doing it this way, because you must have a complete and error-free bosinst_data file resource tailored for the particular client or class of clients, otherwise you'll have to go to (or start) the client's console anyway, to answer the usual installation questions.

smitty's fastpath for preparing a client for bosinst (and possibly initiate it) is

smitty nim_bosinst

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