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We're having some issues with SharePoint. When users open the site everything is fine, navigating the site all works ok. All other server services work ok.

When a user tries to open a library with explorer or map a local drive to the library there is a password prompt and sometimes even entering the correct username/password does not work unless we restart the webclient service.

The * is added to Intranet zone and pwd set to happen automatically with logged in details.  The is added to trusted sites, and pwd setting in security as above in Intranet zone.

Opening SharePoint initially, just as opening Outlook (this is an 2008R2 Remote Desktop Services / Terminal Services box) is all good - its just appears to be related to explorer and sharepoint paths specifically combined with authetication trouble on some level.
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PlaiceConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Managed to resolve this in the end by restating the Claims to Windows Token Service. Odd one as the server was having the same issues even after rebooting.
Rainer JeschorCommented:
perhaps its related to this issue:
Prompt for Credentials When Accessing FQDN Sites From a Windows Vista or Windows 7 Computer

related to having periods in the url as it is then treated differently.

Which SharePoint version/edition do you use?
What OS do your user use?

PlaiceAuthor Commented:
Resolved internally.
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