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ACCESS DB "Write Conflict" message upon user attempting a record data-field correction

Upon attempting to correct a data field or add more recent info to an already created record, the user is blocked from saving the updated record, receiving the message:

"Write Conflict".   "...record has been changed by another user since you started editing it...."
Occurs when no other user is in fact using the DB.
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
This can happen if another form is open that is associated with the same record.
It may also be an issue of some code running that also accesses this record.

Without more info it is difficult to say...

So lets see what other experts post...



beside what Jeff said above this can also happen if you use a linked table to a database server. DAO must map all the datatypes of the foreign database to a datatype which exists in JET/ACE, so there is sometimes a difference in the converted data.
Access tests if the record has changed by someone else since the current user start changing it and the default way of doing that is by comparing each field value of each used field with the edited field values of the current user. Because of conversion errors a field with exactly the same value (or it seems to be the same for the user) will be found as a field with a "changed value" and so the write error appears.

In case of SQL Server as backend there is a simple solution: Add one field with the datatype "timestamp" (which in fact has nothing to do with date or time, it is a row version which is also the new name for this datatype: It writes a serial number for each row as binary data, in other words: A kind of autonumber, but one for each row).
If Access finds such datatype it doesn't use the field-by-field comparison anymore, only the timestamp field will be used to find out if the row was updated so the write error disappears. You must add a timestamp column for each and every table which is used in a form to avoid this error.
Other database servers have similar functions, but here you must look into the documentation.


willjxAuthor Commented:
You are making me look absolutely brilliant!
Yes,  my ACCESS data is linked to SQL, and the "Timestamp" idea worked great.
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