DBF Query in VB

it's an attendance so the dbf is passing data to the vb and i query in the vb about the dbf and pass the value to sql server .
so i just want to pass the values that are inputed in the dbf where curddate or the date and time now - 20000 secs :D it's dynamic and its running on a service thanks :D
i'll post the query tom
it's like

VB.DBF query = Select empno,logtime where datetime = current date and time - 20000 secs ? i don't know how to query it :D
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pcelbaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is good you solved it but the query description does not make 100% sense to me. It should probably be:

Select empno,logtime where datetime >= DATETIME() - 20000

Note the "="  vs. ">="  operator difference.

Of course, depends on your intentions.
kennethzxcAuthor Commented:
solved t
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