Outlook 6 Allocate Memory Error

I got a new client recently who has a bad setup for their email situation where they have multiple users using Outlook 6 on Windows XP and they all log into the same email account (messages set to be left on server) and then one of the users will try to go into the webmail version and remove any un-needed emails. However the other users still have to delete the emails off their local account so it's a pain and they tend to have 1500-1700 emails in their inbox quite a bit.

One user gets the question about asking to compact messages to clear up space every time they close the program. They just click "cancel" each time

Another user however is a bigger problem in the last week. Each time they start up Outlook (only one profile on the computer) they get an error saying "An attempt to allocate memory failed. The system is out of memory." That inbox has 1700 emails in it..

I'm to not have to recreate the profile lose messages etc as they do have quite a bit tied into it with contacts and what not. The computer itself has plenty of hard drive space available so it looks more like a profile / outlook issue.

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue? They have let it go like this for a bit over a week now.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Outlook Express was not designed to handle that volume of email. If you are not willing to lose emails (Compact may delete some older emails), then install Office on these computers and use Outlook. From Outlook 2007 forward you can have larger mailboxes.

You can try archiving some emails to reduce the amount of inbox email you have. You create a folder in OE (call it Archive_somedate) and drag emails into it. This will reduce your inbox.

Then back up your email files (in an Identities folder in XP) and then allow OE to compact.  That may help.

Better however to use a business tool (Outlook) to solve a business problem rather than a consumer tool.

Best to do this quickly as XP is dead and Outlook Express is even deader.

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